”A good life” uppsats

Här kommer min engelska uppsatts om ni vill läsa!

A good life

In my life right now I enjoy my family, they are so important to me, I can’t live without them. Me and Kevin has become close friends. Which I am so happy about. We training together multiple times a week, Exercise makes me feel good. I like to writing on my blog, and writing in general. I like the school, to learn things and complete tasks given to me. I make the best things I possibly can in the school because I will be satisfied with what I do, I do not want to regret anything later in my life, you can not change it then. I wake up on this morning and feeling good because I like to go to school. Sometimes the school can be hard for me do to the fact at I have problems with falling asleep, and that can be negative affective for me in school, I’ll be tired when I not falling asleep early on the evening.
I like to try new dishes, and I love food. I like to sitting with a book and reading, they make me relax.

My dreams right now are to go on Rikgymnasiet, a school for people with disabilities. I hope I get in there. I dream about a good relationship, be loved and give love. Come home to someone after school or work, I do not want to be alone. At some point in my life i would like to get married.

I will live in a big house on the countryside with someone, because I love the countryside and farms. I will be a famous blogger and write different texts on social media in order to spread my knowledge, because I want everybody to feel like they are good as they are. I hope I have a god future and a fun life, I will trip much and see the world. Hot weather is my favorite, good for my body and my leads. It is important for me that everybody in my environment will feel good, because I love them and they are everything for me. I will have friends and family close to me, I am scared to be alone.

When I grow up I will buy a caravan and lived on a camping with my husband, because I camped one week of the summer when I was younger, and I love that, that was so cosy and I have so nice memories from that time. And finally I want to have a funny job, that are important I think do to the fact at I want to go to a job that I like to be on and work with.

In my life before I die I want to fly to Austria with my grandfather, grandmother and my family on my mother side, because my grandfather comes from Austria, so It would be nice to see the country. I also read German at school just now, so it would be fun to use it.

I want to fly to Finland because my bonus grandmother are from Finland, and my bonus dad has Finnish genes, and I will see that country. See how it looks.

I want to Improve my old book do to the fact at I want to write about my adult life. I think is funny to have a book about my younger life when I grow up, and write about how my life looks when I grow up.

I want to spread my massage of my blog to more people.

“a normal life is not always a good life.”

You are very good at expressing your ideas and opinions. It is easy to understand what you mean and you get better and better at deepening your arguments and texts.

Try to keep on explaining in detail, from more points of view than one.

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2 Responses to ”A good life” uppsats

  1. Mormor says:

    Vilken underbar uppsats! Vad duktig du är på engelska😃 Kraaaam!

  2. Björn Sandblom says:

    Glad Påsk.
    Gunilla och Björn

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